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News Report

League campaign starts November 2021


With the UCCL Cup group stages well under way we are able to confirm the key dates between now and the formal commencement of the 2021/22 league campaign.

The cup group stages were originally scheduled to run from Saturday 14th August, with group B (the smallest featuring four teams) running until 25th September. Postponed fixtures for this group have now been rescheduled starting from 2nd October onwards.

For group A (the largest with five teams), the 16th October was the last scheduled cup match. Those games already postponed have now been rescheduled and we hope Group A will be completed by the weekend of 30th October.

A full fixture list can be found on the UCCL website and COMET.

The formal commencement of the UCCL league competition can now be confirmed as Saturday the 6th November. This will be the first weekend with a full scheduled of league games. League fixtures will continue each Saturday until 18th December, the last Saturday for competitive matches during 2021.

There will be a break of two weekends for Christmas and New Year with the first league fixtures of 2022 held on Saturday 8th January. The 9th April is currently the last scheduled league fixture. The rest of April and early May are kept free for postponed fixtures with the 14th May the last Saturday available for the completion of all league fixtures.

Club Managers are advised that:

  • Between October and February, as the weather turns bad, each home team manager should anticipate switching the venue to away short notice if the opposition are able to get a playable pitch last minute. Managers should endeavour to get the game on by making this switch if offered and so players should be advised that each fixture could end up being home or away during winter months.
  • There are currently no half term breaks scheduled. Dependent on the number of postponed games going ahead, half term breaks during the first half of 2022 will be reconsidered at a later date.
  • All postponed fixtures will look to be rescheduled for as soon as possible. The UCCL will reschedule each game and advise clubs of the revised fixture dates. Managers should regularly check the league website and COMET to ensure they have up to date fixture listings.
  • We are aware that some teams from cup group B will have a sparse schedule during October as they finish the group stages earlier. We will look to fill some weekends by bringing forward a few league fixtures earlier than the formal league start date. However, we will not be able to bring forward league fixtures for every weekend as this will leave these clubs with large gaps in competitive fixtures towards the end of the league season and cup finals. To address this affected clubs will have fixtures on alternate weeks during October. Therefore , please also consider using those weekends to arrange fixtures with teams outside the UCCL to increase variety of opponents, remembering to email Ceri at WWFA for approval in advance. In particular please consider engaging with the Bristol Churches League directly to take advantage of any teams available in their league.


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